Parkmobile FAQs

stickerParkmobile allows you to pay for metered parking with your cell phone. This easy pay-by-cell service means no more fumbling for quarters or leaving dinner to refill the meter.


1. How do I use Parkmobile?

  • Smartphone App, available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Phone
    • Scan the QR code on the meter sticker
    • Manually enter the zone and location information from your meter sticker
    • Use the map to locate your parking zone (be sure to verify that the information matches what is on your meter sticker)
  • Registered Phone Number
    • Call the toll-free number 1-877-727-5730 to start a parking session. The phone number is also listed on the sticker.
  • Register Online 
    • Start a parking session online at, using the same login credentials you use with the app

You can sign up to receive an alert 15 minutes before your time runs out. Any live parking session can be extended conveniently from your phone (assuming you haven’t used up the allotted maximum time restriction).

Sign up prior to your first use, using cellphone number, email address, license plate number, and credit card information.


2. What are the different Parkmobile membership options and costs involved?

  • Basic Member:
    • Pay as you Go convenience fee: $0.33 
    • Parkmobile Wallet convenience fee: $0.28
  • Preferred Member: $0.99 per month
    • Pay as you Go convenience fee:$0.28
    • Parkmobile Wallet convenience fee:$0.23


3. Will the parking meter indicate I used pay-by-cell?

If you use Parkmobile to pay for parking, nothing will show up on the parking meter. This is the expected behavior and you will not receive a ticket. Enforcement officers will check the Parkmobile database in addition to the meters, so they will see that your car has paid to park there. Always start your parking session with the correct zone number and license plate number so officers can see your payment.


4. How does Parkmobile affect existing payment methods?

This is an added option, providing more flexibility to ease your visit. All existing payment options (credit cards, coins, and vouchers) are still valid for meter use.


6. Where is Parkmobile's pay-by-cell service available?

Parkmobile is available at every parking meter operated by the city.


8. Can I use my existing Parkmobile account in New Haven?

Yes, you can use the same account in any Parkmobile location across the country. To start using your account in New Haven, just enter the zone number from where you are parked and choose New Haven as the location.


9. If I move my car before my Parkmobile session expires, does my time roll over to my next spot?

No, since your transaction is linked to a specific zone and space. If you move to a new spot you will have to start a new transaction. This is identical to standard parking meter payment.


Additional Information

To view video on to how the Parkmobile app works, click on Android or iPhone. Note that Near Field Communication (NFC) abilities are not available in New Haven. 

Most meters throughout New Haven have time limits. Parkmobile will not allow you to refill your meter if you have already used the time allotted for that space. All meters are unlimited time allotments after 5:00pm.

Click HERE for Parkmobile's online customer service page for a more extensive FAQ, or visit the Parkmobile website and click the "help" tab. You can also click the "Help" button on the Parkmobile app to access the same information. You can also call the Parkmobile help desk at 770-818-9036